Biff's Apartment is Biff's home residence and on Final level of Downtown


Bob goes to Biff's apartment and arrived in elevator. and unfortunately there four police is arrived of Biff's rooms

forth of door is Biff's Paint can is fall and Police is follow Bob's footprints

Bob walking at the kitchen. was police heard radio and walking in toilet room and suddenly. Biff was notices and he said "Cops?! At my place?! Now I'm REALLY mad no-one's allowed in my room!" now elevator heard noise Biff is Coming! and is he punishing to the polices!. and soon Biff punishing the police was clear and Biff notice Bob was sneak to some room and where Bob's hiding.

ending of level on cutscene. you seen the Bob is running to Biff's Apartment is after is destructed and collapse.



  • Elevator rooms
  • Old Lady's rooms
    • Bedroom (Original removing of Old Lady's all rooms)
  • Biff's Rooms
    • Bedroom
    • Living room
    • Bathroom
    • Kitchen
    • Computer room


the keys in Biff's room Kitchen was in near of fridge and Digital Watch. keys was unlock of Biff's bedroom


  • Biff's rooms
    • Mail (in forth of Biff's rooms)
    • Desk Lamp (in drawers)
    • Potted Plant (in drawers)
    • Ham Sandwich (in dinner table)
    • Old Magazines (in bathroom near of Radio)
    • Digital Watch (in Kitchen near of Keys)
    • Something Sticky (in forth of Biff's Bedroom)
    • Deck of Cards (in drawers of Biff's Bedroom)
    • Big Pile O' Cash (Final loots in Biff's room was on Biff's money case)
  • Old Lady's rooms
    • Calculator (in grey desk in forth of door)
    • Notepad (in drawers)

Bob's tricks items

  • Blue Painted (in forth of Biff's rooms)
  • Bob's sound button (the radio was in Bathroom make noise at NPC)
  • Bob's hide in thing
    • Old Lady's rooms (underground in floor)
    • Elevat\or rooms (Shrub)
    • Biff's Rooms (Trash can in Kitchen, Biff's clothing in Biff's bedroom)

Destructed of apartment

Bob was chased away at Biff and his apartment after was destroyed in end level of Downtown

on the nighttime Bob was chase away to Biff was yelling to Bob in window and suddenly apartment was after is destructed and the building now wasdestructed and Biff was alive or dead.


  • the Apartment on Level Map we see the wall is breaking on game is not breaking everything was before collapse.
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