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Flying DeLorean BttF2

Fiberglass DeLorean was holding by forklift

The fiberglass of DeLorean time machine from Back To the Future 2.


Production of the Sequel[]

In during filming of Back To The Future 2 in late 1988, the car was resin built out of fiberglass for flying car form with wooden planks in undercarriage and to be carried by forklift in off-screen camera, as the regular car was too heavy to be carried by forklift at points. The car wasn't a real car for driving like road vehicle's movement, it don't have engine inside of it. The car was using for close-up scene and inside the car, it was copying of original "A" car once and never have the Flux Capacitor from interior. The Mr. Fusion was also re-used to A-Car.


After Back To the Future 2 was completed, the fiberglass DeLorean was put in storage at Universal studios backlot.

The car was trying sold to auction, but no one was going to never buying the car and they destroyed it in after failed sold for auctioned, the few parts of fiberglass car was no longer existed to this day. Hollywood Parts store photos have all the photos prior to the destroyed and all of these were being surface online.



  • The DMC logo of DeLorean was bigger to the original cars.
  • Before the fiberglass DeLorean being destroyed by Universal Pictures, the prop was missing the left side wheels for hover mode, Mr. Fusion was likely using the same one for A-Car in production of sequel film. Although the Mr. Fusion in Universal Studios Hollywood Special Effects Stage was actually the spare one for the other cars.
  • In interview to Robert Zemeckis on filming of Back To the Future 2, This car was built for helicopter on under side and Robert never telling his secret about car to public views.
  • This fiberglass car doesn't have a vin number because the car wasn't produced by DeLorean Motor Company.
  • Hollywood Parts have photo of Fiberglass DeLorean in around 2000s before it was destroyed by Universal studios.
  • This DeLorean was only car to be resin from the original DeLorean's basis.
  • According to Bob Gale on interview to Josh Gates from Expedition Back To The Future, it car was number fourth of DeLorean.
  • Any people was thinking the flberglass having double twin cars used for movie from roof of Biff's Caison 1985A scene, This is unknown or was real DeLorean was be used flying and make tires was different to shell car.
  • In early 1990s, This DeLorean was make public display at Universal Studios Hollywood Special Effects Stage.

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